Outreach Programming

Our nature-based programming is designed for all ages.  Programs can be scheduled for any length of time, but are generally designed to be 45-60 minutes in length.  Programs can be scheduled year-round at Northwoods Wildlife Center, at your school, school forest, lake association meeting, library, etc. See below for a list of program offerings.  Educational programs can be created or changed to best fit your organization’s needs.

Birds of Prey

Unique adaptations help these special birds hunt and survive. Come learn about just a few. Meet one or two of our resident birds up close and personal!

Turtles of Wisconsin

Turtles maybe slow, but they aren’t boring.  Learn the ins and outs of turtles and their many adaptations that make them so unique! Hold real turtle shells, and meet a couple of our resident turtles up close and personal!

Wildlife Ecology and Nature Programs

Do you have a favorite Northwoods species?  NWC staff can tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about that animal and what makes it so special!  See below for a list of ecology program topics that have been previously presented.  We can also create new programs based on classroom or club interest!

– Black Bear Ecology
– Common Loon Ecology
– Reptiles and Amphibians of Wisconsin
– Hummingbird Ecology
– Bald Eagle Ecology
– Gray Wolf Ecology
– Beaver Ecology
– Northwoods Lake Life
– Human Impacts on Wildlife
– Porcupine Ecology

– Bat Ecology
– Wildlife Rehabilitation
– Rocks and Minerals (extra charge)
– Fun with Fossils
– Animals that Come from Eggs
– Songbirds of the Northwoods
– Insects of Wisconsin
– Attracting Backyard Birds
– Wisconsin’s Frogs and Toads

Pricing is dependent on location of program. 

  • Program at Northwoods Wildlife Center: $5 per person (includes guided tour)
  • Program off-site: $75 + $0.55 per mile round trip

For more information on any of our educational offerings, contact Bart at bart.nwc8683@gmail.com or Courtney at courtney.nwc8683@gmail.com.