Sponsor A Resident

Northwoods Wildlife Center provides permanent sanctuary to over 25 wildlife ambassadors. These are animals that would have no chance of survival in the wild due to various injuries or ailments. Many of our wildlife ambassadors attend hundreds of educational programs throughout the Northwoods each year, educating over 10,000 visitors and citizens of the Midwest. Feeding, training, housing, enrichment, and the general husbandry of our residents costs over $7000 each year.

Please consider contributing towards the care of our residents through one of our resident sponsorships!

Wildlife Pal – $25: Receives certificate stating sponsorship of chosen animal as well as animal’s photograph, and a fact sheet on the chosen animal species. Name posted on sponsored animal’s enclosure for one year.

Wildlife Buddy – $50: Receives all from Wildlife Pal level, PLUS a one-year membership to Northwoods Wildlife Center.