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Wildlife Rescue

I Found A Deer Fawn

It is common for a doe to leave her fawn in a place she believes is safe for extended periods of time (10+ hours). This prevents undue attention from predators and other possible dangers. It is not uncommon to find a young fawn by itself.

Fawns are often found curled up and will not move when approached. This is normal behavior; the fawn should be left alone. Leave the area for 8-10 hours to allow the doe to return. If a doe has not returned, call NWC at (715) 356-7400 for further advice.  

Never offer any feed or milk/formula to a fawn. Young fawns have very sensitive digestive systems and require a specific formula. If fed the the wrong diet, it can cause severe digestive upset that can have a strong negative impact on the fawn’s health.

At times, a doe may leave her fawn in an unsafe area, such as a yard with pets, a high human/vehicle traffic area, or inside a fenced area. If you find a fawn in an unsafe area, please contact NWC at (715) 356-7400.

A fawn found along the roadway with no mother present should be monitored as long as it is not left in the roadway. The mother may have run off as vehicles approached and will return once you have left the area. If the fawn is in the roadway, contact NWC at (715) 356-7400 for advice.

If a fawn has been found that is wandering about and calling for several hours without a reply, is sprawled out on its side, is surrounded by flies, has eyes that appear to be very cloudy, or a deceased doe is present, please contact NWC immediately.  

As a safety measure, NWC is not licensed to rehabilitate adult white-tailed deer, including yearlings that have recently lost their spots. If you have found an injured or ill adult white-tailed deer, please contact your local DNR office or game warden.