I Have a Nuisance Animal

Undesirable Den or Nest Location

If you find a nest or den with young present where they are not safe or are located in an undesirable location, there are several repellent techniques that can be used to encourage the mother to relocate her young. Examples:

  • Play a loud radio near den or nest
  • Shine bright lights or motion-sensor lights throughout area
  • Hang ammonia-soaked rags in area near nest
Common problem species: raccoon, skunk, fox

Problems at Birdfeeders

If you have an unwanted visitor at your birdfeeders, remove feeders for of at least two weeks. Once the food source is removed, the nuisance animal will often move on.

Removal of birdfeeders will not have a harmful effect on native bird species in your area. There are often plenty of natural food sources to feed on throughout much of the year. Once the nuisance animal has moved on, it is safe to begin feeding again.

Common problem species: bear, raccoon, squirrel

Property Damage

For nuisance wildlife causing property damage, all of the techniques stated above can be used to encourage the wildlife relocate. “No chew” sprays designed for dogs, cats, and horses can also be effective at repelling wild mammals if chewing. A paste of water and cayenne pepper can be made and spread on the area being damaged. The bitter hot taste will discourage the wild mammal from chewing. If these methods do not work, wrapping wire or metal around the area in which the damage is occurring can also discourage wildlife.

Common problem species: porcupine


If you have any nuisance wildlife that has not been repelled by any of the above techniques, call NWC at (715) 356-7400 for further advice.