A Bird Flew Into My Window

After a bird has struck your window, place it in a small covered box with paper towel or towel at the bottom. Leave the box in a quiet, warm, and predator-proof area to rest for an hour. Oftentimes, the bird has been stunned and needs time to recover. After an hour, attempt a release outside. If the bird doesn’t fly away, contact NWC at (715) 356-7400 for further assistance. 

If blood is present, there is a visible broken bone, or the birds breathing is very hoarse contact NWC immediately at (715) 356-7400. Do not try to release a bird exhibiting these symptoms.

Do not feed a bird after striking a window. It may harm the bird if it has not fully recovered from the impact.

Interested in ways to prevent window-strikes  in the future? Contact NWC for advice. We would be more than happy to help you!