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Patients don't always come into us. Sometimes we have to go and collect them. Rescues can be interesting affairs, sometimes exciting, sometimes frustrating, but always important. Of course a "rescue" doesn't always mean that the animal comes back into the facility for treatment. A rescue can be an assessment to determine if the animal is in danger. It can be ·a relocation, moving an animal into a safer area. And sometimes a "rescue" is watching a supposedly injured animal race away from us, annoyed at being disturbed. However from time to time a rescue is just that with an injured or orphaned animal joining us at the center for help. Below are some different stories and photos from rescues here at the Northwoods Wildlife Center

Sandhill Crane Rescue               Loon Rescues           Goshawk Rescue

Releasing an animal is what makes our job worthwhile. We often put in long hours, cleaning after and caring for animals that if we do our job properly, are no more friendly with humans than when they first joined us. We put up with bad smells, backaches, late nights, being clawed and snapped at, for that perfect moment when we take an animal that would not have survived without assistance and put it back in the wild. Hopefully the stories, photos, and videos below will give you an idea of the joy we feel in a successful release.

Bald Eagle Release         Raccoon Release

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